Vellum Templates

Below are the Eight Customisable Vellum Templates used in my Book Formatting Services over on Fiverr

Trace eBook

Trace (Paperback)

Parcel eBook

Parcel (Paperback)

Chroma eBook

Chroma (Paperback)

Oxford eBook

Oxford (Paperback)

Artisanal eBook

Artisanal (Paperback)

Meridian eBook

Meridian (Paperback)

Kindred eBook

Kindred (Paperback)

Sudo eBook

Sudo (Paperback)

Ornamental Break Options


The following ornamental break options are available with all of the templates listed above in both eBook and paperback editions. I recommend choosing a template and ornamental break that reflects your book’s genre.







Examples of Customisation Options


Here are a few examples of customising chapter headers with images and custom images as ornamental breaks, so that you can visualise the custom images. The template used in this example is Parcel. Extra custom images for chapter headers, scene breaks, author headshots, and reader magnets, where you provide the images cost an additional $5.00 (for ten images). 

The copyright page with a customised ornamental break.
A customised chapter header and ornamental break images for eBook and Paperback.
An example of a custom ornamental break on an introduction page.
Here is a customised ornamental break on a front-matter page.

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