TAP003, How to Choose The Right Book Idea

TAP003, How to Choose The Right Book Idea

Do you have million different story ideas and are struggling to choose the right book idea? Or, Do you have a pile of manuscripts that you can’t seem to finish? This indecisiveness is the writer equivalent of shiny object syndrome, where you jump from idea to idea, and you can’t seem to choose the right one. You’re essentially stuck in the wonderful land of indecision. I understand how this feels. As a writer, I too have suffered from shiny object syndrome, especially when choosing a story idea or abandoning a writing project to start a new one. Over the course of my writing journey, I’ve gone from shiny object syndrome to reaching a place where I’ve finished two manuscripts that I’m excited to publish in a genre, that I adore. In this blog post and video, I’m doing to share with you, my number one tip on how to choose the right book idea.

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