Stressed and Confused about Revising Your Novel?

So, you’ve finished the first draft of your novel, and you’re thinking ‘now what?’

The next thing you decide to do after coming off that completed first draft high is you turn to google in an attempt to figure out the next steps. All you wanted to do was discover how to revise your novel. And, what you got was that feeling of overwhelm. But, all you wanted something that told you what to look for as you read-through your novel.


If this something that you can relate too then, this is for you.


Just like you, I too struggled to figure out how to revise a novel. I spent days and weeks feeling stuck and overwhelmed by all of the information that was available to me.


This is why I’m currently creating an ebook with an accompanying checklist to help you to revise your novel, minus all of the heart-ache.


In this book, you will learn:
  • How to revise your novel so it’s the best it can be BEFORE you send it off to a professional editor.
  • My overwhelm free revision process titled, The Heavy Fiction Edit.
  • The exact things you need to pay attention to as you read-through your novel.
  • How to not get caught up in prose and grammar, and improve your novel.
  • The next available steps after the revision process.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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