The Most Popular Writing and Self-Publishing Podcast Episodes of Season Two of The Authorpreneur Podcast

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Are you looking for a podcast on writing and self-publishing with short episodes under fifteen minutes? And, did I mention the content is evergreen and will not go out of date? If so, then you’ll love The Authorpreneur Podcast.


In celebration of the start of season three and the release of my eighty-second episode, I’m taking a look back at the most popular podcast episodes from season two with help from the Blubrry Statistics dashboard, just like I did when season one came to an end. The episodes in this roundup style post are included purely based on the number of downloads, and complete or partial listens throughout season two which spanned from the 23rd of November 2019 to the 25th of September 2021


About The Authorpreneur Podcast

The Authorpreneur Podcast is hosted by Indie Author, Amelia D. Hay. The show acts as a virtual writing and business coach for fiction writers. Every Thursday, Amelia will teach you how to develop a story idea, create compelling characters and outline your novel. In each season of the podcast, you will learn how to write your first draft, revise your story, self-publish, establish your author platform, and reach readers.


Season one of the podcast is on Plot and Story Structure, season two chronicles my writing adventures during 2020 and 2021, and season three will zero in on how to outline a story and the pre-writing phase.


A Note About Season Two

As I launched the inaugural episode of season two, which has now been taken down, a certain virus changed our lives forever. This meant with my husband working from home, I had to pivot. So, I pushed back the planned season about outlining and the prewriting phased and chronicled my writing adventure during the pandemic.


The Most Popular Episodes

So, without further ado, here are the most popular writing and self-publishing podcast episodes of season two of The Authorpreneur Podcast.


#10 – BTS028, Book Blogging Tour, MailerLite Frustrations, and Rewriting a Thriller Novel

Looking back over the last few weeks in February, in author diary episode twenty-eight, I discuss enlisting the help of a book blogging tour service. Also, I share my attempts to grow my email list, whether I’ve made any progress on book two, and what I’m doing to get book reviews for my crime thriller novella, Missing. I’m surprised that this episode was the most popular. In all honesty, I expected the next show on the list to have taken that number one position.


#9 – BTS023, KDP Select or Going Wide: Which is Better for New Self-Published Authors?

The second episode of season two is an author diary episode divided into two parts. In the first part, I discussed the difference between going wide and enrolling in the KDP Select programme and what you need to consider before deciding. And at the end of this section of the podcast, I shared three actionable steps to help you decide which option is right for you. After that, in the second part of the show, I shared with you a short behind the scenes author diary update, where I discussed my book marketing plan for Missing, and creating an easter egg to encourage email sign-ups.


#8 – BTS030, Frustrations with Publishing Wide, Trying Something New, and Dealing with Negative Feedback

In author diary episode thirty, I discussed my frustrations with publishing wide and trying something new. This month I received some negative feedback and I discuss what I learned from this experience. And, I also shared what that means for my James Lalonde series.


#7 – BTS037, Write to Market, Free Book Formatting Services and Hiring an Alpha Reader on Fiverr

During February 2021, I released a belated author diary episode where I discussed my plans to write to market. I also start talking about my new book formatting services and how you can use them for free, plus an a-ha moment I had about my book Missing, which I’m hoping will result in more positive book reviews.


#6 – BTS026, I’ve Written a Pile of Garbage, Amazon Ads, and Book Promo Results

This milestone episode is my first show after the book launch week for Missing. In the episode, I shared my experiences in experimenting with Amazon advertising and the results of the book promotion services that I purchased during the last week in January. And, I discussed how I discovered that I’d written a pile of garbage which is the current state of book two in the James Lalonde series. This does sound a bit over dramatic but it’s honestly how I felt at the time when I realised that book two was not better than book one. But, I shared my plans to make this book better.


#5 – BTS025, Experiments in Book Launching and Book Marketing as a New Author

As the launch week for my novella, Missing ended I published an author diary episode where I discussed what I did during my first ever book launch. And, I’m also going to discuss a few experiments in book marketing as a new author. I’ve also changed my mind about something essential to my book marketing plan.


#4 – BTS039, Writing Multiple Books at Once, Low Budget Book Promotions, and Multiple Streams of Income

In author diary episode thirty-nine, I ambitiously tackled writing multiple books at once. As my low budget book promotions come to an end, I shared the results including download statistics. I also discuss my efforts to add multiple streams of income to my author business. And I share my biggest lessons learned with multiple streams of income.


#3 – BTS027, My Revision Plans for Book Two, A Huge Tech Fail, More Amazon Ads, and a Book Promo Update

During author diary episode twenty-seven, I disclose there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the second book in my James Lalonde series. And, in this show, I shared an exciting update for book two. I’ve made a tonne of progress this week on fixing the issues in the story arc. In book marketing news, I started dabbling in Amazon ads for the US store. While on the topic of book marketing I discuss why I turned off the Amazon Ads on the UK store. On top of all of this, I experienced a few exciting author milestones and I shamelessly share them with you.


#2 – BTS024, Getting Ready to Self-Publish a Thriller Novella, Translating a Novel in French, and Changes to the Podcast

Coming up in author diary episode twenty-four, I discussed where I’m at in the publishing process for Missing. While we’re on the topic of Missing, I share my thoughts and plans on how I’ll self-publish, and a few more marketing ideas. Before we dive into my exciting publishing news, I want to first talk about a slight change to my podcast and why I struggled with consistently publishing episodes. And, what I plan to do to overcome these issues in the future.


#1 – BTS029, Writing Beats within Scenes, Scene Blocking and Experimenting with First and Third Person POV in a Novel

In author diary episode number twenty-nine, I discuss rewriting a mystery novel. And, I talk about how I write beats within scenes and experimenting with first and third-person POV in a novel. While we’re on the topic of prewriting I discuss scene blocking, a technique I borrowed from screenwriting.


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Concluding Thoughts

If you like what you hear, then come on over to your favourite podcasting app and leave a review. Your feedback is valuable because it helps guide the episodes and bonus content in upcoming seasons, so feel free to tweet me or send a message on Facebook to let me know what you’d like to hear more about in the up coming season of The Authorpreneur Podcast.


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