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In season three, I want to start discussing how to outline or the pre-writing phase. Because I’m an outliner, that’s all I can talk about, but I realise that this is not everyone’s writing experience. But you get it I can only talk about my own experience.


To give this show a more objective view of the prewriting phase, I want to interview other writers on the podcast about their prewriting process. The question I have for you is, how do you write?


Are you a pantser?


Do you outline?


Or, does your prewriting stage resemble a mixture of both?


I’m particularly interested if you’re a pantser or do something that resembles both plotting and pantsing because I don’t know how someone can open a computer and start writing without a plan. That’s not a judgement on my part; I’m genuinely curious about how you pants your novels.


If you’re interested in coming on the show to talk about how you write, here is a short-list of what I’m looking for in a guest:

  1. Fiction authors only.
  2. Published at least three books all in the same genre that are novella length or longer.
  3. You’ve published your books to a high standard (professional-looking cover and professionally edited).


The reason behind these requirements is I’m looking to interview other authors who have more experience than me. So far, I’ve written two novels, one of which is 75% of the way through the rewriting process, both are not published. And, I’ve published a novella and a short story. I want to talk to authors who are a little further ahead and have or are figuring out what works for them.


Be on the Podcast


When filling out the form below, please use the name that you’d like me to address you as on the podcast (e.g. your pen name). In the time zone field, please let me know where you are so I can see if it’s possible for the interview to take place. Because I live in London, I’ve found that some time zones can be difficult to arrange. Don’t worry, if you’ve conducted no other interviews. I’m just curious and what to know how much experience you have with podcast interviews. There’s no right or wrong answer to the microphone question because I’m just asking so I know your audio situation in advance.


What do you write?

How do you write your books?

Do you have access to an external microphone that isn't apart of your computer or phone?

15 + 12 =

After you’ve filled out this form, I will review your entry and get back to you within 72 hours, or three business days, if I think you’re a great fit for the podcast.


With love,

Amelia xx

Mystery Author + Podcast Host

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