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BTS047, Issues with Apple Books, Cover Redesigns, and The Results of Using Advanced Reader Services like BookSirens and BookSprout | December 2021 Author Diary

by Amelia D. Hay | The Authorpreneur Podcast - Writing and Self Publishing Advice for Writers

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[The Authorpreneur Podcast] explains concisely the information I need to hear in order to move past insecurities and do the work!

- An Apple Podcast Listener

I love the bite-size length of these episodes, and hearing about another’s writer’s experience and methods. Often, how-to books/info about writing can become quite pedantic or salesy, trying to convince you to follow their exact method and how it will solve all your problems. Refreshingly, [Amelia] is simply real and honest. I recently struggled to start revisions on my manuscript, but one of her tips has got me back into the work. Excited to keep following along with her journey! 

- An Apple Podcast Listener

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BTS006, Blogging as an Unpublished Fiction Author

BTS006, Blogging as an Unpublished Fiction Author

I was recently listening to an episode of a podcast that was discussing how to build a platform as an unpublished author. And coincidentally I didn’t agree with all the tips they shared. There was one tip I disagreed with that these guys shared with certainty. While writing your novel is the most important thing you can do as an unpublished author you need to build your author platform before you hit publish. And, I’m sorry, but a one-page stagnant website will not achieve this. You need to get eyeballs on that website.

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BTS002: How I’m Revising My Murder Mystery Novella

BTS002: How I’m Revising My Murder Mystery Novella

I’m going to keep this behind the scenes podcast diary short and sweet and just stick to all things writing, revision, and book related. So, this week, revision became my new reality. I stuck to my goals to revise Immunity and overcame a revision obstacle. Do you struggle with revision? Do you sometimes face a revision obstacle that seems difficult to overcome? If so, then this podcast diary is for you.

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BTS001: Writing Goals for October 2017

BTS001: Writing Goals for October 2017

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my productivity as a writer since I returned from my wedding in Australia. I’m becoming less and less productive. The reason for the decline in my productivity is simple. I’ve dropped a few great habits that served me well in the first half of the year.For the sake of productivity and developing great habits, today I’m going to share with you my writing goals for October.

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I’m Amelia. I’m the author of Suspicion, the first book in the James Lalonde Mystery Series, the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast™️ and the Mystery Novel Nerd Podcast. I help aspiring authors just like you to write and market their books so that they can, create their dream business, build their author platform, and be creatively independent. Right now, I’m editing book two in the James Lalonde Mystery series.

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Have you found the blog and podcast useful? Wish you could buy the host, Amelia D. Hay, a cup of coffee? Now, thanks to Buy Me a Coffee you can!


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In February, I finished writing the Locked Room into the Dark, and I'll discuss how I achieved this, along with the response of my favourite beta reader.
Coming soon... I discuss my experiences writing a locked room mystery into the dark using the method taught by Dean Wesley Smith. 👩🏻‍💻📝🔦
In this episode, discuss what I've been doing in February. I also share my frustrations about a tech fail and newfound thoughts on this product and delve into why I've changed my mind.
So, I decided to list Suspicion for free and promote it using various newsletter book promotion services ahead of the release of the second book in the James Lalonde series. The promotions I booked were with AuthorsXP, Fussy Librarian, Kobo, and Free Booksy; altogether, these promotions cost me £176.67 or US$209.96. I used the Google exchange rate from the 19th of November, just in case you're interested. So, in this behind-the-scenes author diary, I will discuss the results of my experiments with Ad stacking on my first-in-series novella or short novel.
Guess who is now using Adobe Audition to edit her podcast? Now, I'm wondering why I didn't make the change sooner.
This year, I've decided to start my podcast by looking back at everything I achieved in 2022. After that, I will discuss the products I loved in 2022 and will continue to use in 2023.
In an upcoming episode of the authorpreneur podcast, I discuss how I stopped supplying my three-act structure Scrivener template to my email list and the reasons that led to the decision. As I was editing that episode, I had an idea.
While editing the upcoming episode of The Authorpreneur Podcast for the second time, I realised that I'm a massive spreadsheet nerd...and my problem is far worse than I originally thought.

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