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Hello, Writers!

I started this podcast and the blog to guide writers just like you through the exact steps to write, edit, publish and market your first and subsequent books, minus the pain and confusion that comes with starting something new. Essentially, the blog and podcast act as a virtual book coach minus the hefty price tag. Because I get it, not everyone can afford to pay for one to one book coaching.


In the pursuit of sharing what I know and building a sustainable career as an author, I’ve turned to use Patreon as a writer to create another stream of income for my business. The one thing I’ve learned in business through my successes and failures is not to put all your eggs in one basket and to create a business that sustainable long term.


But, back to Patreon.


So, What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service that connects various types of content creators from bloggers, Youtube Creators, Podcasts, Artists, and musicians, with people who want to view their creations. It allows the fans to financially support a content creator on a monthly basis and in return the content creator will deliver certain perks. The idea behind Patreon comes out of the notion from the renaissance period where an artist would have a Patron who supports their career financially.


So, it’s a win-win situation.


Check out the video below that was created by Patreon for more information. 


Why Did I Choose to Set up a Patreon Account?

Each episode of The Authorpreneur Podcast takes four hours to research, outline, write, practice, record, and edit. And, yes, I choose to script every show because I tend to ramble. Scripting the episodes helps me to keep organised, stay on topic, and not waste your time. You’ll never hear the turning of pages, the slurping of drinks, or me forgetting the names of the products I use.


By now, you’ve probably realised that I’m a bit of a control freak.


And, I like to have my s#@t together.


This habit is apart of who I am, and it’s a part of my branding. I intended to create a short, no-nonsense podcast for writers who want to publish their first or next book.


On top of that, the blog posts on The Authorpreneur Blog take three to four hours to produce depending on the topic. That is the reason I only produce a weekly podcast and a monthly blog post.


Sharing My Income

Just as an afterthought, I eventually want to start sharing an income report, and I don’t mean sales; I’m talking about revenue, which is sales minus expenses. The point of this is to share what’s possible, and for the sake of transparency.


Because making money is a sensitive topic, I want to share this detail (sales figures and expenses) in a community of people that are naturally going to be supportive. I don’t like the idea of posting it on my blog for anyone to read because there are people out there who don’t see the value in paying for art. And, as a creative person, I think this is ridiculous. I will start sharing my income once, I publish my first three novels or sooner depending upon whether I feel it’s of value to you.


But, I’m not here just to ask for your money.


I want to give you something in return for your support because without you, I’m all alone talking to myself in my office or sometimes bathroom. depending on the acoustics.


Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you probably have a few questions about how I’m using Patreon.


Q1: What Do I Get for Supporting the Show?

The Authorpreneur Patreon account currently has five levels of support ranging from $1 a month to $25.00 per month all with great rewards. These rewards range from getting content before anyone else, an opportunity to pick my brain about writing fiction and non-fiction, tech tutorials, and a 30-minute coaching session.


Tier #1 – Authorpreneur Tips

Price: $1.00 per month plus taxes.


At this level of support, you will receive an advanced copy of an in-depth blog post, each month. You’ll also get the chance to vote on the topics of upcoming posts, so you can get tips on the issues you want the most.


Tier #2 – Mystery Thriller Reader (coming soon)

Price: $1.00 per month plus taxes.


Every month on the 15th, I will release a Mystery Thriller short story (5,000 to 8,000 words) which will be downloadable in a digital format of your choice (PDF, Kindle, Kobo, Apple, and Android Compatible). As a valued Patron, you will receive these before the short stories are published on Amazon. And, download the first act (a revised draft) of my soon to be released Crime Thriller Novella, Missing.


Tier #3 – Pick My Brain

Price: $2.00 per month plus taxes.


Got a burning question on writing, revision, editing, and self-publishing you want me to answer? If so, that’s what you’re going to get with the Pick My Brain tier along with a dash of follow-up support. At this level of support, you will get access to the Authorpreneur Tips plus a chance to listen and/or submit a writing-related or publishing question for me to answer on the monthly Q+A episode exclusive to Patreon. A personalised an action plan for you to follow via email along with a follow-up email 14 days after the monthly Q+A Patreon exclusive episode is released.


You will also get access to the complete backlist episodes of The Authorpreneur Podcast (Writing Tips + Podcast Diary). And, I’ll list you on my Patron’s of the Podcast webpage with a link to your website, and a personal thank you on the podcast. On top of all of this, you’ll receive a free downloadable copy of all of my writing series ebooks to read on your device (as they are ready for release).


Pick My Brain vs My Ask a Question Form

The difference between asking a question via my ask a question form and the Pick my Brain tier is two-fold. Firstly, there’s this issue of priority; I need to prioritise clients and my writing first. And secondly, personalisation and follow up support. When you fill out the ask a question form, I prioritise the answers according to when they are asked, and I share the answer with the person who filled out the form and on my blog. Due to time, I can’t give everyone who asks me a question follow-up support. As much as I would love to do this, it’s just not possible, which is why I created this tier.


Tier #4 – Writing Motivation

Price: $5.00 per month plus taxes.


Are you looking for a weekly pep-talk to help you through your writing journey? If so, that’s exactly what you’re going to get with the Writing Motivation tier. At this level of support, you will get access to all the benefits from Authorpreneur Tips and Pick My Brain. And you’ll receive a monthly episode of a podcast that’s exclusive to Patreon called The Five Minute Writing Coach, wherein every episode, I will motivate and encourage you to finish writing your current work in progress.


Tier #5 – Tech Tutorials for Writers

Price: $10.00 per month plus taxes.


At this level of support, you’ll receive access to all the benefits from Authorpreneur Tips, Pick My Brain, and Writing Motivation as well as the following: Get exclusive access to the monthly tech tutorial for writers 30 days before anyone else. A chance to vote on the topic of next tech tutorial for writers that will appear on my blog. Plus, you’ll get beta access (aka, free) to my online courses as I create them.


Tier #6 – Virtual Writing Coach

Price: $25.00 per month plus taxes.


At this level of support, you’ll receive access to all the benefits from Authorpreneur Tips, Pick My Brain, Writing Motivation, and Tech Tutorials for Writers as well as the following: A 30-minute Skype call each month with notes outlining the main points covered in the coaching session. Follow up email support for two weeks after your coaching session. Ask up to four questions (on writing, editing, or publishing) per month via email and receive a response within 48-hours.


Q2: What Does This Mean for The Blog and Podcast?

I feel that it’s important to point out that the blog and podcast will always be free for you. And the most recent 300 episodes will be available in your favourite podcasting app.


Why 300?


That’s the maximum number of episodes that my host will make available on the various podcasting platforms. I see Patreon as a great platform to build a community around my content, give back to those people who love and want to support my blog and podcast, and generate an income without turning to paid advertising.


My Patreon Goals

Spoiler alert, I don’t have a virtual assistant. I’m a one-man-band. Nevertheless, I love producing this podcast and blog, and your support will eventually help me to cover the costs of creating this content, leading me to hire a virtual assistant.


All of this will help me to avoid seeking paid sponsorship (aka, those ads you skip over when you have the chance). Besides, I hate ads as much as you do, even if they are highly curated from companies I trust and use. By choosing to support the podcast and or blog, you are helping me to cover the hosting costs, and becoming a member of a community of author-entrepreneurs.


Patreon Goal #1

The first Patreon milestone I want to hit is to cover the cost of hosting the podcast on Blubrry, which is $20.00 per month.


Patreon Goal #2

After this, I want to cover the cost of paying for the transcription of the podcast show notes. Even though the episodes are entirely scripted, I do add my thoughts and expand upon specific topics during the recording, especially if I feel that it’s relevant. A transcription service will cut down the time I spend in the post-production element of producing the show.


So, my second goal will be to reach $120.00 per month.


Patreon Goal #3

As I alluded to earlier, I eventually want to hire a virtual assistant to help me manage my social media, blog, and podcast. The estimated cost of this will be $175.00 per month for approximately twelve hours. Bringing my third goal up to $295.00 per month.


Hiring a virtual assistant will help free up my time to coach other writers and write more fiction. And, that’s what really matters to me. The more time I have to write, the more I learn and grow as a writer. This is good news for you because I love to share what I know with others. Giving back is essential to me.


Concluding Thoughts

Thank you for reading this super long blog post. I hope this helps you to understand why I’m using Patreon and highlights the rewards you will receive if you choose to support The Authorpreneur Blog and Podcast.


Over time, as my Patreon account grows, I will start sharing tips on using Patreon as a writer. I will eventually share this as an exclusive bonus piece of content for my patrons and eventually on my blog.


Your coach,


Amelia xx


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Amelia D. Hay
Amelia D. Hay

I’m Amelia. When I’m not hosting the Authorpreneur Podcast™️ and the Book Nerd Podcasts, I write Mystery Novels under the pen name A. D. Hay. And, I’m the author of Suspicion, the Lawn, and the Candidate.

On this blog, I help new writers to finish their first draft, prepare their manuscripts for professional editing, and when they get stuck in the first draft phase or are confused about the revision process.

Right now, I’m editing and preparing my soon to be published mystery novels, Suspicion, Duplicity, 24 Hours, and Immunity for publication.

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