How to Outline A Novel

The exact steps you need to take to go from a vague story idea to a fully fleshed out outline



So you want to write a novel. And you have a story idea that you’re excited about.


Perhaps you’ve opened up your computer and you’ve started writing. Now, you’re stuck. But you’ve realised that you can’t pants a novel.


Naturally, you search out writing advice on how to outline a novel. As a result, you have more questions than answers.


What you want is for another writer to show you how they outline their novels.


If so, you’re in the right place.


I want to show you how I outline my novels.


The how to outline a novel course is a step by step guide that takes you from a vague, one-line story idea to a fully fleshed out outline. Along the outlining journey, this course will help you understand how to create a well-structured story with scenes that move your story forward and keep your readers turning the page.

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