Struggling to Format Your eBook, Paperback, or Large Print Paperback?

I can help make formatting a stress free experience for you.

Congratulations on writing your first or another fiction book!


And now, the next step is to format your book for ebook and paperback.


But, you’ve not tech-savvy, and the task is started to feel daunting and stressful.


Or, perhaps you don’t have the time to learn how to use new software to format your books.


Don’t worry! I can help you get your books ready for ebook and print distribution.

Your Formatting Options


To format your ebook, paperback, large print paperback, or boxed set, I use a programme called vellum; it is a Mac-based software that produces beautifully formatted ebook, paperback, large print paperback, omnibus, and boxed sets to publishing standards. However, this is not a bespoke service because vellum does have limitations.


Nevertheless, Vellum has eight beautiful templates all with customisation abilities. Advanced formatting techniques like drop caps, chapter headers and scene breaks, quotations, and header and footer options (paperback and large print paperback only).


Below are the most popular formatting packages that I offer. Included with each package is an option to insert an image (usually a publisher logo, reader magnet image or an author headshot inserted in your bio at the back of the book).


Additional Options


Additional Images

Up to three additional images provided by you (includes: chapter header, scene break, author headshot, reader magnet).




Back Matter Options

Choose this option, if you require different back matter for the paperback edition or certain ebook retailers.




Additional Revisions

If you’re an existing customer and require me to update an ebook, paperback, or large print file formatted by me, I am happy to make these revisions for a small fee.
Revisions to the following are included:
  • Adding or updating the “Also By” page.
  • Updating store links for new books.
  • Adding or changing a reader magnet.
  • Author bio.
  • Changes to the Authors Note, Thank you, and other front or back matter items not previously mentioned.

Chapter Header Images

If you would like to have chapter header images in your ebook, paperback, and/or large print paperback, but don’t have the image, I can create these for you.


Included in the price:

  • A vector image for you to use as a chapter heading.
  • Choose one from up to five options.
  • Extended Licence included in purchase which allows unlimited prints. (Valued at £99.00 | $129.00).
  • Up to two revisions.


£150.00 **


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Start the Process to Work With You?
Fill in out the work order form, select the services you require and click submit. I will reply to you via email within one to two business days with a quote. It’s at this stage; I will supply you with the link to the purchase the options you desire. After I get notification of your payment (usually within a day), I will confirm the due date that you can expect to receive your files.
Q: Which Formatting Option Should I Choose?
If you’re having trouble deciding which option is right for you, remember I don’t have to create the ebook, paperback, and large print paperbacks at the same time. I can create the ebook first and then you come back for the paperback editions at a later stage.
Q: Can I trust you with my manuscript? (AKA: Will you steal my novel?)
I will not steal your work or ideas. The copyright of your novel is owned by you. As a fellow writer, I have dozens of my own ideas that I can’t wait to start turning into novels. I don’t have the time to start stealing other writers ideas.
Q: Can You Format a Second Edition of My Book?
Please note that if you are a client that has already worked with me and you require a second edition of a book formatted, I prefer to create these from scratch to avoid any unfortunate mistakes. I’ve had to create a second edition for one of my own books and it’s a lot of work and double-checking that everything is right. Due to the amount of work involved, it will cost the same as formatting a brand new book.

What Will I Need From You?

In order to create a beautifully formatted book, I need the following items from you. Please note that all text needs to be proofread and in a separate document to avoid confusion. You don’t need to provide all of these items, to help you; I have highlighted the crucial items in red.


Cover Image
Title Text (Book Title, Subtitle, Author Name, and Contributors)
Publisher Logo
Copyright text
Cast of Characters
Manuscript in MS Word
Glossary Text
Leave a Review Text
Reader Magnet Image
Reader Magnet Text
Acknowledgements Text
Authors Note Text
About the Author Text
Also By Text
Store Links


If you do not have store links at the moment that’s okay, I can add them in after you publish for no extra charge, as long as the links were the only thing I am changing or adding to the file. Lastly, I need you to provide an outline of the order in which you want these images to appear in your book.


The Fine Print

* The store links will be updated once after publication. Any more changes to the store links will be changed at a rate of £10.00.

** The price of the chapter header image created by me may change if you choose an image that I already have an extended licence to use, or if you are using the image exclusively in an ebook. Please note that if I have an extended licence for an image, it will mean that someone else has used it in their book. 

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