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Hello, Writers!


In September 2015, I quit my soul-sucking nine to five to work on my coaching business full time. My dream was to coach during the day and pursue my dreams of being a published author by night. Unfortunately, my reality was very different from what I had initially imagined. My business took over my time. I had little time to write my James Lalonde Thriller series and to write more books for my Personal Success Non-fiction Series. The reason for this is because I rushed through the business creation process. I didn’t take the time to get super clear on what was important to me. I learned that clarity comes from taking action not by, thinking, but the biggest mistake I made was not listening to what I truly wanted.


My Story

I spent my 20’s not knowing what I wanted to do with my life; I floated from job to job looking for that missing element believing I could only find it in a traditional career. During my search, I secretly yearned for flexibility, freedom, and more creativity but I could never find it.


My experience changed the day I discovered coaching. I had finally found what I was meant to be doing and as I started to take actionable steps towards creating and growing my coaching business. For the first time in my life, I finally felt a sense of fulfilment, and this is why I started my business. I was passionate about empowering women who were just like me to start their dream business. I wanted them to experience this same sense of fulfilment that I experienced every day.


But, something wasn’t right. Business coaching wasn’t a great fit in spite of my passion. I was ignoring something important to me.


What’s Next

I still love coaching, and I’m still passionate about empowering women to create their dream business but I also love writing, and it’s been something I’ve pursued for many years. Even though I loved coaching, I was ignoring an element of my life that was important to me. This issue became apparent when coaches and other professionals commented on the quality of my content. At the same time, these people advised me to pursue video instead of writing. The reasoning behind this was, it’s easier to leverage videos to attract clients. As the months rolled by I gave video and podcasting a shot but I missed writing.


I had to acknowledge that writing was just as important to me as coaching my clients. Once, I admitted to myself that I was a writer and needed to write more, I became increasingly aware that my dream business wasn’t my dream after all. I knew I had to find a way to merge these two business ideas.


What Have I Achieved or Learned?

Before I dive into the changes, I will be making in my business. I believe it’s important to look back at what I have achieved or learned during my time, as a business coach for multi-passionate women.


Lesson One – I learned how to market effectively.

I finally figured out how to market my business and attract my ideal clients through webinars, building a social media platform, and connecting with real people through serving first and promoting second. Finding the right clients was a major issue I had with my first life coaching business. I struggled to attract my dream clients, and if I got clients, they only wanted a few sessions and would show up late. Eventually, I was finally able to create a consistent stream of income for my business.


Lesson Two – I learned how to overcome my fear of talking in front of the camera.

I finally conquered my fear of being in front of the video camera. Starting a YouTube channel was something I wanted to do, but I put it off because I was afraid of being in front of the camera. This fear translated across to my audience because they could see I felt awkward. To overcome this, I started by sending Roland a quick video message instead of a text message at the end of the day. I became braver and began recording Be Motivated TV episodes and ‘quick biz tip’ videos. As the Facebook algorithm changed, I started doing Facebook live streaming video, and I loved doing the videos.


Lesson Three – I increased my first draft word count.

As I alluded to earlier, I managed to increase my word count for the first draft of Immunity by 36,410 words, but my progress had been slow. But, the majority of the words were written in October. The key to this success was pushing myself to write every day even if I didn’t feel like it. Yes, that right, I just did the work. It’s not revolutionary, but procrastination is a hard habit to break.


How can I Improve for the Future?

About a month ago, I started a live stream series about how to write a non-fiction book for your business. The mini-series consisted of two, one-hour long live stream videos. Even though it was a live stream video, I loved every second, and this is what made me realise that I should be a writing coach. I’ve finally found a way to pursue both of my passions. All the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in marketing, social media platform building and client attraction can all be applied in my new chapter.


I recommend taking a step back and looking at why you have achieved or learned, before moving on to a different phase in your life.


For the first time, I feel that I can have my cake and eat it too, and so can you. You don’t have to keep living at that crossroad. You can create your path.


Why Am I Sharing This With You?

You rarely get an inside glimpse of the evolution of an entrepreneur. My entrepreneurial development has been from life coach to business coach to writing coach. The only stories we hear are where aspiring entrepreneurs knew what they wanted and pursued their dream business with a single mind. These stories are very inspiring. If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, then you probably find these stories hard to relate too. Because you’ve spent much of your life feeling like everyone else was in on a career success secret that you didn’t know.


Concluding Thoughts

If you get nothing else from this blog post, I want you to understand that clarity comes from taking action not thought. You may have to try a few things on before you find what is right for you. Jumping from job to job and finding a career you love in your 30’s doesn’t mean you’re a failure in life. It just means you have a different journey to someone else who has graduated from high school, went to university, got a job, and climbed the corporate ladder. If you’re contemplating changing niches in your business or a contemplating on starting as a writer, know that you’re never too old, and it’s never too late to start pursuing what you love.


With love,


Amelia xx


Amelia D. Hay

Written by Amelia D. Hay

I’m Amelia. When I’m not hosting the Authorpreneur Podcast™️ and the Book Nerd Podcasts, I write Mystery Novels under the pen name A. D. Hay. And, I’m the author of Suspicion, the Lawn, and the Candidate.

On this blog, I help new writers to finish their first draft, prepare their manuscripts for professional editing, and when they get stuck in the first draft phase or are confused about the revision process.

Right now, I’m editing and preparing my soon to be published mystery novels, Suspicion, Duplicity, 24 Hours, and Immunity for publication.

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