BTS030, Frustrations with Publishing Wide, Trying Something New, and Dealing with Negative Feedback | March Author Diary Update, Part Two

Coming up in part two of the author diary episode for March, I will discuss my frustrations with publishing wide, trying something new, and dealing with negative feedback. And, I also share what that means for my James Lalonde series.

BTS029, Writing Beats within Scenes, Scene Blocking and Experimenting with First and Third Person POV in a Novel | March Author Diary Update, Part One

Coming up in this episode of the Authorpreneur Podcast, I will discuss rewriting a novel, writing beats within scenes, experimenting with first and third-person POV in a novel, and scene blocking.

A Podcast Update: I’m Back From My Hiatus

I’m back from my hiatus. And in this short episode, I’m going share exactly what you can expect from the Authorpreneur Podcast going forward.

A Rant: My Thoughts and Experiences Using Reedsy Discovery

In this blog post, I discuss my thoughts and experiences using the Reedsy Discovery services and whether I will use the service again in the future.

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I’m Amelia Hay. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay.


I’m the author of the James Lalonde Mystery Novels and the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast.


I help aspiring authors just like you, to write, brand and market their books, so they can create their dream business, build their author platform, and be creatively independent.




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