BTS042, Preparing a Murder Mystery Novel for Beta Readers and Juggling Multiple Manuscripts | August Author Diary Update, Part One

During the first two weeks of August, I focused my time on preparing a murder mystery novel for beta readers, then as I waited for feedback, I focused on the second book in my other series. And, this is what juggling multiple manuscripts at once is like. You spend much of your time jumping between projects, and it does get overwhelming at times. In light of that, I share a tip on dealing with overwhelm when jumping between manuscripts.

BTS041, A Writing Update, Fussy Librarian Book Promotion, and The Best Beta Reader Software

In this episode, I share a momentous writing update, a surprising update on my Fussy Librarian book promotion. And, I discovered a great tool for self-published authors at a great price.

BTS040, Low Budget Book Promotions Gone Wrong | May and June 2021 Author Diary Update

In this episode, I discuss experimenting with more low budget book promotions on a 99 cent sale on my first-in-series novella, Missing. Naturally, things didn’t go as expected. So, I dive into why I believe my low budget book promotions went horribly wrong.

BTS039, Writing Multiple Books at Once, Low Budget Book Promotions, and Multiple Streams of Income | January to April Author Diary Update

Coming up in this episode, I discuss the progress I made writing multiple books at once, the results of my low budget book promotions, including download statistics, and I discuss my efforts to add multiple streams of income to my author business. And I share my biggest lessons learned with multiple streams of income.

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Excalibur is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose. One Reporter is Determined to Uncover the Truth.


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