Should You Use AI Generated Images for Book Covers?

Since the creation of the various artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and the like, people have responded in two ways. The first is “I’ll never use this”, and the second is the excited response by those first adopters who rush into using everything new with a natural curiosity. Should you use AI-Generated Images for book covers? Before you embrace the newfound world of AI-generated images and create your first or next book covers, there is an important thing you need to consider. And that is copyright. It’s a very important topic that you need to consider. So, let’s talk about it.

Things You Need to Know Before Designing Your Own Book Cover

The other day, I watched a video about an author designing their own cover, which was great—I do that too. But what bothered me was the misinformation about printing and colour formats. So in light of all of this, I decided to share with you, the things you need to know before designing your own book cover.

How to Work With a Book Cover Designer

So, you’ve finished writing your first or next book, and you’re working with an editor. But you’ve realised that you need a book cover. And you’re on a budget, so you’ve started browsing premade book covers but can’t find something that suits your story. This led you to commission a custom book cover, even though it’s a little out of your budget. In this blog post, I will share tips on how to work with a book cover designer so that you can get the best possible cover for your book.

Accounting and Financial Terms for Authors | What You Need to Know About Making Money as an Author

I’ve been threatening to write an article defining a few important financial terms for authors for a while. And the day has finally arrived. So, what pushed me to write another informative rant? The other day, I found a blog post with the headline “How Much Do Authors Make?” and the headline also promised examples of salaries inside the blog post. Let’s just say I was more than intrigued, clicked, and scrolled to the data. To my inner finance nerds horror, the blog post referred to the royalty you would receive from the sale of a book as income. I was so horrified that I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

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