TAP033, The Case for Outlining, Outlining Pitfalls, and Overcoming Writing Obstacles

In this episode, I share the things you need to consider before you decide to outline a novel, an important question that you need to ask yourself, a piece of advice that you need to keep in mind, outlining pitfalls, and my recommendations for new writers. On top of this, I talk about the downsides of creating an outline in order to give you a balanced and somewhat unbiased answer to this age-old question.

BTS047, Issues with Apple Books, Cover Redesigns, and The Results of Using Advanced Reader Services like BookSirens and BookSprout | December 2021 Author Diary

In this episode, I discuss a series of frustrating issues with Apple Books. While I was struggling with Apple Books I decided to redesign the cover of the ebook, and I went on to design the paperback based upon this new design. Also, I started paying attention to the results of using advanced reader services like BookSirens and BookSprout.

BTS046, Preparing for My Book Release, Snarky Reviews and Why I No Longer Recommend Etsy to Creative Businesses | November 2021 Author Diary

In this episode, I discuss my newfound distrust of Etsy and no longer recommend them to creative businesses. Also in November, I finish preparing for my book release, and I get some snarky reviews.

BTS045, Working with a Professional Editor and Preparing to Self Publish | October 2021 Author Diary

Coming up in this episode, I discuss the highs and lows of working with a professional editor and preparing to self publish my second novella.

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