BTS053, The 100th Podcast Episode: Ask Me Anything on Writing, Revision, Editing, and Self Publishing

In the spirit of celebrating the 100th episode milestone, I’m going answer the top questions asked by my Blog Readers, YouTube Subscribers, and Podcast Listeners, and questions asked through my Ask A Question form on my website.

BTS052, I Screwed Up My Series and Reaching a New Level of Appreciation for Draft2Digital

At present, I’m struggling to sell book two in my amateur sleuth mystery series, and I’m going into detail about my experiments to get this bookselling and my issues with publishing direct to Barnes and Noble upon the advice of going wide webinar. Let’s just say that I regret leaving Draft 2 Digital. And I discuss how I’ve screwed up my amateur sleuth mystery series.

TAP044, News From My Editor: My Experience Writing into the Dark (Part 2)

Toward the end of March, I started working with my editor on the Locked Room, and in this episode, I share the mistakes that were found in that writing into the dark manuscript in comparison to the previous stories that I’ve written.

TAP043, A Tale of Two Novels: My Experience Writing into the Dark

In February, I finished my experiment with writing into the dark, and I’ll discuss how I achieved this, along with the response of my favourite beta reader. As you’ve come to expect, I will share my writing stats, days, time, word count and the step-by-step process that I used. Now that I’ve mentioned that, it’s crucial that I point out that I’m following Dean Wesley Smith’s Writing Into the Dark method, which he teaches in a course and in a book. I highly recommend that you check out both of these options if you’re interested in learning this writing into the dark technique.

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