TAP047, What is a Story Beat? | How to Write Great Scenes

As I wrote the outline and script for the episode on value shifts, I realised that there is a smaller unit of story that I need to discuss that’s integral to understanding value shifts or how a scene turns. So, I considered adding it to that episode but soon discovered that the final version of the episode would be too long. That’s why, I created this hopefully, short bonus show, where I discuss what is a story beat. And how you can use them to create better scenes.

TAP046, End Your Scenes with Cliffhangers | How to Write Great Scenes

If you’re the kind of writer that needs to outline every scene, then you need to be aware of the types of cliffhangers and how to effectively use them to create a page turning effect and not turn readers away. In fact there is more than one type of cliffhanger—there’s four. So, in this episode, I’ll unpack the four types of cliffhangers in fiction so that you can avoid the common pitfalls and end your scenes with cliffhangers in a way that keeps the reader turning the page.

BTS057, A Year in Review and Self Publishing Products I Loved in 2023

I’m back, again. And yes, it’s been sixteen weeks since I released an episode of the podcast. Between now and November, I took December and January off because it’s a busy time of year and I tend to travel during these periods. In this episode, I look back on 2023 and discuss the highs and lows. On top of this, I share the self-publishing products and writing courses that I recommend and are still using.

TAP045, The Anatomy of a Scene: Goal, Tension, Conflict and Stakes | How to Write Great Scenes

In this episode, I will break down the elements of a scene, which include the goal, tension, conflict and stakes, and share tips on how you can incorporate this into your writing.

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How to Outline A Novel

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