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BTS037, Write to Market, Free Book Formatting Services and Hiring an Alpha Reader on Fiverr | October Author Diary Update

Coming up in this episode, I discuss my plans to write to market, my new book formatting services and how you can use them for free, and a-ha moment I had about my book Missing, which I’m hoping will result in more positive book reviews.

BTS036, Moving Web Hosts, Getting Book Reviews, and Writing Book Two In a Series | September Author Diary Update

In this episode, I share how after months of frustration with the slow speed of my website, I took the plunge and moved web hosts. And, I discuss along with the results of another free promotion on Kobo, and my experiments with pre-orders on Amazon.

A Quick Guide on How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts for Fiction Authors

The problem with helpful book marketing suggestions like”get interviewed on podcasts,” is no one actually tells you how to create a pitch that will land you an interview. In this episode, I will share three tips and a six-step formula that will help you craft a better pitch and hopefully, get you a podcast interview. Obviously, I can’t make any outlandish claims or promise you’ll get interviewed on podcasts. But, I can promise to show you how to present yourself to hosts, so that they can see the value you can contribute to their show.

BTS035, Developing a Writing Habit After Months of Struggling | August Author Diary Update

Coming up in this episode, I share how I finally developed a writing habit after months of struggling. And, I discuss my efforts to chase reviews for my mystery novella, Missing. Plus, I found a fun alternative to Patreon.

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I’m Amelia Hay. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay.


I’m the author of the James Lalonde Mystery Novels and the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast.


I help aspiring authors just like you, to write, brand and market their books, so they can create their dream business, build their author platform, and be creatively independent.




Excalibur is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose. One Reporter is Determined to Uncover the Truth.


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